Project Theta #3

I found it! I found the source of the image which motivated me to build the current 3D tilemap! The above image floated in my search results whenever I typed in “Unity 3D tilemap” and I just couldn’t find its source!

It is from the Isometric Pack 3d asset made by Manufactura K4. I’ve included another asset preview from the asset store. Aren’t they just beautiful.

In fact, I can probably use my 3D tilemap system with this asset to layout a mock level pretty easily! Maybe. After I fix another bazillion bugs.


I converted the player controller from 2D to 3D! Most of the logic still made sense, and I got to delete a lot of disgusting code I originally wrote to make 2D work like 3D (yep, the code sounded as ridiculous as that statement). This actually didn’t take very long.

…what took very long was all the bugs *ahem* unexpected behaviors *ahem* interesting features in my code. Mostly to do with the quirks of serialization in Unity. Finding why it was doing what it did took a long time. Figuring out what to do with the code took a long time. Moving code around to correct its behavior took a long time. Fixing more interesting features as a result of moving code around took a long time…

The end result: once again I got a character moving in the game, but this time in a 3D tilemap!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be implementing ramps and finer control over tile collisions in a tile set. I see more code moving coming my way…


I think I’ve convinced Y to start drawing some comic shorts on the back stories of the characters of the game. I anticipate incoming awesomeness.


I recently watched the Saga of Tanya the Evil Movie, and I couldn’t help myself analyzing the plot. It’s summarizable in a few sentences. Literally only a few things happen in the film, sandwiched between a lot of fancy fight scenes.

Perhaps I don’t really need to make the plot of the game super complicated either?

I wrote up a bunch of significant events in the plot of the game, and that took a whole page. Will the game take 100 hours to play?

Well that’d be exciting.

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