The Multitasker 1.1.7

This update includes fixes to layout on wide-screen devices.

I don’t have an iPhone X, but someone told me the BACK button was missing on the latest update.

Well that’s not good. Went in and fixed it.

App Store review used to take a week, now it takes two days. Quality of life improvements!

The Multitasker 1.1.6

First bug update two years after release, prompted by changing websites!

Initially I didn’t want to add any actual content into the update, but after thinking about it I decided to make New Game+ worth it. You now start at 1/2 of your hiscore, instead of 1/3.

A bunch of API updates behind the hood, now using the latest:

  • Facebook SDK
  • Unity IAP
  • Unity compiler

Also removed unnecessary permission requests (reading cellular service data, phone numbers, etc.) on Android. I was under the impression that the WeChat SDK won’t work without those, but that wasn’t the case after I removed them. They were dubious to begin with.

Fixed Android leaderboard. Apparently Google disabled HTTP some time ago on Android by default (iOS had done this for years already) and that broke all server connection.

There are also a few minor mistranslation fixes. Overall tidying up. Etc.

The update is now live on App Store, Play Store and also hosted on this server.

Settling down

It has been about a week since I moved websites. I’m setting all kinds of things up: a MediaWiki for Project Theta, a brand new landing page for The Multitasker, domain registration, G Suite…exciting things. I’m always happy to see things work for the first time.

I took time in the weekend to move the databases from the old website. This would of course break things and I would have to resubmit apps to the app stores. Surprisingly, though, with a clever redirect on the old domain (still got two years on that), I was able to direct all the traffic to this site without too many problems.

Revisiting The Multitasker was a painful effort. So many things broke because of deprecated (and some outright removed) APIs. Updating things, missing scripts, build errors…these took me hours to sort through.

I’ll eventually push out the updated version, but for now, I’m satisfied with the landing page I built for it, entirely with WordPress.

On the other hand, Project Theta, the RPG I’m currently working on, is going along nicely. Chapter 1 of the novel, which will serve as the basis of the plot, will be completed by the end of this week. There are some concept art sketches which I will turn into an actual screenshots in-game, hopefully also by the end of this week.

With everything set up, I just need to stay motivated to be productive, right?