Settling down

It has been about a week since I moved websites. I’m setting all kinds of things up: a MediaWiki for Project Theta, a brand new landing page for The Multitasker, domain registration, G Suite…exciting things. I’m always happy to see things work for the first time.

I took time in the weekend to move the databases from the old website. This would of course break things and I would have to resubmit apps to the app stores. Surprisingly, though, with a clever redirect on the old domain (still got two years on that), I was able to direct all the traffic to this site without too many problems.

Revisiting The Multitasker was a painful effort. So many things broke because of deprecated (and some outright removed) APIs. Updating things, missing scripts, build errors…these took me hours to sort through.

I’ll eventually push out the updated version, but for now, I’m satisfied with the landing page I built for it, entirely with WordPress.

On the other hand, Project Theta, the RPG I’m currently working on, is going along nicely. Chapter 1 of the novel, which will serve as the basis of the plot, will be completed by the end of this week. There are some concept art sketches which I will turn into an actual screenshots in-game, hopefully also by the end of this week.

With everything set up, I just need to stay motivated to be productive, right?



I decided to move the whole website under Google Cloud Platform, since I’ve always wanted to try out hosting a website from a virtual machine rather than one of the existing hosting services. Also that Google’s free-tier actually allows me to run everything zero-cost – which is a cherry on top.

Many app service scripts have to be moved, such as online scripts for Cornell 161 and The Multitasker. Existing databases need to be copied over, which very annoying to do. I’ll eventually get to it.

Things feel fresh now that I’ve started development of my next project, Project Theta, a turn-based RPG. Eventually I’ll have something presentable.