Project Theta #2

I had just a week to work on the game before TI9 began and consumed all my spare time. To make up for this, I decided to write a section on the lore of the game in every update!


Spent most of my time bug-fixing.

I managed to push seven commits and closed out a bunch of issues. The 3D tilemap is now functionally a superset to Unity’s own 2D tilemap, with extra features such as saving tiles to disk and loading them seamlessly, so not everything is saved to the scene. Reaching this milestone makes me quite happy, so I’ll show it off in a few more GIFs below.

Not really focused on the tiles in the tile set, so they look a bit like water-downed version of Minecraft. Y is working on some textures for the prototype tiles, though!

The next step is to get a working character controller ready so we can move around in the tilemap. This also means implementing a tile-based collision and ramp system. Fun!


Since I’m also writing the story, I guess I’ll put out bits and pieces of lore of the game.

Humans have populated the Continent for well over twelve hundred years now. Hamlets became villages, villages formed towns. Countries rose and fell, buried in the sands of time. The Antima Empire, with a mere two centuries of history, is a new player on the stage of continental politics. Its founding father, Lepton Antima the Wayward, sacrificed his own life to establish a powerful barrier to deter all forms of magic in the Empire. This double-edged sword repelled countless invasions from the neighboring states, at the cost of the country’s own magical advances.

It is in this country that our protagonists, Edge and Abigail Seed, begin their journey as a duo with one who aspires to become the Demon King, and one who wants to stop him.

Excerpt from The Chronicles of Edge and Abigail Seed – Volume I

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