The Multitasker 1.1.6

First bug update two years after release, prompted by changing websites!

Initially I didn’t want to add any actual content into the update, but after thinking about it I decided to make New Game+ worth it. You now start at 1/2 of your hiscore, instead of 1/3.

A bunch of API updates behind the hood, now using the latest:

  • Facebook SDK
  • Unity IAP
  • Unity compiler

Also removed unnecessary permission requests (reading cellular service data, phone numbers, etc.) on Android. I was under the impression that the WeChat SDK won’t work without those, but that wasn’t the case after I removed them. They were dubious to begin with.

Fixed Android leaderboard. Apparently Google disabled HTTP some time ago on Android by default (iOS had done this for years already) and that broke all server connection.

There are also a few minor mistranslation fixes. Overall tidying up. Etc.

The update is now live on App Store, Play Store and also hosted on this server.

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