Project Theta #1

Excited to finally write about the game!

After nearly two months of work on a 3D tilemap system for Unity, it is finally at a presentable stage. I gave a short tutorial for my artist Y over Duo and she created the above scene with the placeholder tile set I created. Slightly disappointed that we are using this to mimic 2D tilemap (with correct height information), but I suppose it might come in handy later on.

This will be the first piece of code that will make into the final game, I hope. It was both traumatic and liberating when I deleted four-month worth of code I wrote specifically to extend Unity’s 2D tilemap system for our game, only to find it too lacking on a fundamental level. I hope I’ve done things right this time around.

The tilemap system is still bug-ridden and feature-lacking. Once the core system is complete, I need to figure out a way to encode ramps and ladders into it, as well as writing a character controller on top of it. Fun things lie ahead!

On the other side Y has been drawing out character portraits. Here’s a finalized portrait.

Project Theta #0

It has been a little over a year since I started brainstorming Project Theta with my artist friend. It is finally in semi-production – a state where progress is no longer abstract.

I figured documenting the making of the game would be pretty cool. After all, it has been a year and we are still pretty much as motivated as we were when we started. It would be interesting to see how the game came to be.

We have bi-weekly status updates, and I’ll try to write about the progress after every meeting.