An RPG! Finally!

Project Theta

A turn-based strategy RPG with unique quirks.

What is Project Theta?

Project Theta is an action RPG currently under development, featuring an original story set in a fictional fantasy-like universe.


The story is set on a landmass known as the Continent, at the time of the succession of throne in the Antima Empire. Its neighboring country, the Republic of Gemia, saw this as an opportunity for sabotage. As the historical events unfold, Edge, the protagonist of the game, embarks on a journey to become the Demon King, the most feared entity haunting the children’s tales.

What's quirky?


  • The world is to scale with each tile a meter.
  • Houses are to scale. If it is big from the inside it is big from the outside.
  • Our designer is also an architect so house layouts will make sense.


  • Although combat is turn-based, speed is the essence in the game. Being twice as fast means you get twice as many turns as your opponent.
  • A turn is composed of a time interval to act, instead of move and attack phases.
  • Combat may takes place anywhere on the world map. The map in the combat interface is exactly the same as the world map.


  • AI will be powered by reinforcement learning.
  • Different difficulty levels won’t be about number tweaking, but about how smart the AI is.
  • Combat is not about defeating bosses with high stats, but about defeating bosses that are smart.


  • Time is flowing in the game. The sun rises, and then it falls.
  • Characters need to sleep, and events trigger at night.
  • This is also a semi-survival game.

Lore & Plot

  • The fictional universe has an unnecessarily long history (to the game).
  • ┬áThe story is not only about the protagonist.
  • The protagonist is trying to be a badass.

That sounds cool!

And also a lot of work! I’ll post status updates, and hopefully get a demo out by end of 2019. Check back for post updates!